Mindfulness Skills Course – May 23 to June 20

The four-week mindfulness skills course, offered by Penn’s Employee Assistance Program, is designed to teach you the core principles and practices of mindfulness, which include breathing meditation, body scan, sitting meditation, and movement meditation. In addition, each class will focus on a theme linking mindfulness, stress, and quality of life, and ample time will be devoted to experiential guided meditations. After all, the best way to learn about mindfulness is to practice it ourselves! By answering a few brief questionnaires before and after the skills course, you will have an opportunity to learn if the program has been helpful to you, in terms of reducing stress and enhancing mindfulness skills. You may even find yourself more resilient at work and at home. It emphasizes skill-building and sharing one’s experience with mindfulness practice in a group format.

Cost: Free and covered by EAP benefit.

To register, call the EAP at 1-888-321-4433, select option 3, and ask to register for the mindfulness course.