Whites Confronting Racism: 3-day workshop

Whites Confronting Racism
June 19-21: 10a-4p at the Penn LGBT Center
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This workshop is for white people who want to challenge the racism around them — and in their own heads and hearts — and who are searching for a way to strengthen their work for racial justice. It’s for white folks who already do anti-racism work but want to develop their skills and deepen their approach. And it’s for white folks who want a better understanding of how white privilege and racism operate in society and inside of them.

Build confidence in their ability to address racism through action; increase their understanding of how racism functions and what their role in it is; explore their internal racism and barriers to working on it; develop a personal vision for racial justice; build their skills in being accountable allies to people of color and working in coalitions; develop strategies for interrupting racist situations; increase their ability to support other white people doing racial justice work; and build an action plan of concrete next steps.

Training will be led by Sarah Halley and Lorraine Marino.

Space is limited; early registration is strongly encouraged.

Payment by journal strongly preferred, but checks also accepted. See registration page for details.