Mission Statement

The mission of the PPSA is to support and focus staff engagement and collaboration within the University of Pennsylvania community and to act as a productive resource for all of our members.

The PPSA is a voluntary organization comprised of professional (monthly-exempt) staff members whose positions enhance, facilitate, and serve the teaching, research and service missions of the University of Pennsylvania.*


  1. provides a forum through which staff can engage in dialogue about issues facing the University and higher education;
  2. participates and collaborates in University governance through University Council and other committees and task forces;
  3. serves as an informational network to promote seminars and programs that enrich the quality of experience and work life for professional staff;
  4. provides a supportive network to assist the University in achieving its goals and objectives.

* While the PPSA is pleased to provide information to all members of the University of Pennsylvania community, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Health System Employees, Adjunct and Associated Faculty, Graduate Students and many Research Professionals do not fall within the monthly-exempt category that defines full PPSA membership.