Why You Should Know About Us

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After September 29, 2018, this site will no longer be active.
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The Penn Professional Staff Assembly (PPSA) serves monthly paid staff members of the University of Pennsylvania.  PPSA provides a forum through which staff can engage in dialogue about issues facing the University and higher education Jet Sharing.

Our mission is to connect the Penn community by providing a supportive network to assist the University in achieving its goals and objectives.  We enrich the quality of experience and work life for the professional staff by serving as an informational network to promote seminars and programs.

PPSA Board Members and representatives sit on the University Council, a deliberate and representative body which serves an advisory role to the President, Provost and senior administration of the University.  We have voting representation on all University Council committees and private jets uk.

See the PPSA in action, on our Pictures Page. Source: Private jet to Rome