Penn Transportation and Parking New Website

The departments of Penn Transit and Parking Services have launched a new website ( that integrates the University’s transit, commuter, and parking programs into a convenient, one-stop portal for access by the Penn community. Created to address and support the many audiences these departments serve, the website brings together the two different sites into a unified experience. Incorporating feedback from site users and other stakeholders, the new design offers:

–       Web content that is structured so that it scales and transitions well to mobile use, making transportation, commuting and parking information readily available;

–       Convenient maps that display Penn’s integrated transit system; the location of parking lots and garages; and the availability of bike corrals and repair stations across campus;

–       The ability for site visitors to manage sustainable commuting, permit parking and other program participation online; and,

–       Home page alerts about traffic and service-related announcements.

Site users are encouraged to take a few moments to reset the bookmarks for their frequently visited transportation and parking web pages.